Accountants Near Me

Best Accountants near me Every day more than 1000 searches accounted for the term “Accountants near me’’ in Australia. You will find tons of results on your screen.  The real question is how do you find the best suitable account near you from those results? We will guide you to find the best accountant near

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JobKeeper Payment Extension – All You Need To Know

The JobKeeper Payment, which was originally due to run until 27 September 2020, will now continue to be available to eligible businesses (including the self-employed) and not-for-profits until 28 March 2021. The payment rate of $1,500 per fortnight for eligible employees and business participants will be reduced to $1,200 per fortnight from 28 September 2020

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Guidance to residential Rental Property Owners

The ATO is aware that residential rental property owners (the owners), due to COVID-19, floods, or bushfires, may be experiencing reduced income from tenants paying less or entering deferred payment plans, or travel restrictions which have affected demand for short-term rental properties. Assistant Commissioner Karen Foat explained that whatever the circumstances, the most important first

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Job Keeper Stimulus Payment initiative

JobKeeper Payment initiative: Aimed at supporting employers to retain their workforce while managing through the commercial disruption of COVID-19. The latest announcement  about  jobkeeper payment initiative revealed that, commencing 30 March 2020, the government will underwrite/reimburse businesses $1500 each fortnight per employee the business retains through the period. Businesses will be eligible if their turnover

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