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Running a business is like driving down a long, winding road. With lots of speed bumps. Some even unrelated to serving your customers that you would never expect you would come across. It can be hectic at times but with our specialised services for SME’s, we’ll make doing what you do easier, better and more profitable.

TASC Consulting Pty Ltd started its operations in 1989 to cater to the demands of the growing number of individuals and businesses seeking our services. We understand that accounting is no longer just about maintaining the books and preparing financial accounts and tax returns. We are a firm that thrives on providing innovative solutions to our clients on issues of taxation, financial accounting, management reporting, and system integration. Our dedicated team of professional accountants and advisors take pride in ensuring our clients receive the service that is delivered Proficiently, Proactively & Prudently.

You’re taking a big step when deciding to buy or sell a business. We’re experts in this field and we want to make sure you understand what’s involved before you take that leap and help you achieve your goals.
Are you aware of what you need to consider when buying a business? Have you considered GST, CGT or stamp duty implications? Do you know how much the business is worth or what your next steps to take are? Our team at TASC will assist you every step of the way in this process of buying a business so that you are more than satisfied with the final outcome.
You can check out our page on buying or selling a business here

Our specialists will engage right from the start reviewing your personal situation and advising on structure, ownership, etc., in ensuring providing a tailored solution to suit your needs. In addition our ongoing advise will help you to avoid various tax pitfalls. Find out more

As a newly-established business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Why not let us take some of that workload off your hands? Our team of highly regarded accountants can assist you with your business strategy, business planning, taxes, and more.
Of course, all businesses are different so why not contact us so we can provide advice specific to your business. Find out more here

Whether it is a simple tax matter, major complex international transaction, a specific small business matter, or even a personal tax matter, our team will provide you with specialist tax solutions and advice on all issues.
TASC is your one stop comprehensive tax solution. You can check out our range of Simple & Complex Tax Solutions Here

We can help you set up a personalised investment strategy and portfolio mix for your retirement needs.
With self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), you can set up a super fund that you have full control over so that you can ensure it meets your individual retirement needs. As with anything that is customised, it takes a lot of time, effort, and comes with a lot of responsibility. That is why we are offering specialist SMSF services to help you with setup, provide you with advice and advise you on investment strategies.
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