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When you lodge your return yourself, the responsibility falls on your shoulders. One of the biggest advantages of using registered & experienced tax advisers or accountants is the extra peace of mind from receiving professional advice, saving time, and knowing what to claim so that you can maximise your tax returns.

Our process is straightforward with appointments available in person or online. Simple, convenient & accurate.

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Lodge Your Tax Return With TASC

    Lodge Your Tax Return With Our
    Experienced Tax Advisers & Accountants

    Have complete confidence in maximising your return without having to worry about possibilities of ATO audits and tax pitfalls. Understand everything that you are entitled to claim, what receipts you need to keep and how we can draw the most out your return.

    Reliable and compliant tax returns done easily with our experienced tax advisers & accountants.

    Book an in-person or online consultation now.

    Individual Tax Return

    Lodge your individual tax return. Wages, work related expenses, investments, property income & other expenses/income will all be considered to maximise your return.

    Sole Trader Tax Return

    If you are lodging returns as a sole trader (including startups, self-employed contractor, consultant and contractor) we can help you maximise your return.

    Company Tax Return

    Get a professional analytical review and expert tax advice on BAS, Income Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax & more.

    Trust Tax Return

    Managing a trust can be complex. Find out all about your tax obligations and how to make tax effective distributions.

    Lodge Your Tax Return With Our
    Experienced Tax Advisers & Accountants

    #1 Avoid Potential Tax Pitfal

    Lodging a tax return by yourself can yield mistakes accidentally or unknowingly. It is not possible to be on top of ever changing complex taxation laws. Avoid tax pitfalls by choosing a professional tax adviser from TASC

    #2 Remove Tax Stress

    The responsibilities of completing your own tax return lies on your shoulders. Any mistakes in your tax return can potentially result in ATO fines and/or audits. Using a tax adviser or accountant provides that extra peace of mind in knowing that your returns are accurate and compliant.

    #3 Handle Tax Audits Better

    Professional Tax Advisers and Accountants know what aspects of tax returns could flag an ATO audit. With expert advice, you will know exactly what to claim and what not to claim as tax deductions, and tax rebates to avoid an ATO audit.

    #4 Save Time And Avoid Headaches

    Preparing your own tax returns can be time-consuming. The process of having to collate all your relevant information, identifying deductibles, ensuring your there are no mistakes can all take a big chunk out of your day. Sitting down with a professional tax adviser or accountant takes all the stress out of this. They will review all your documents and ask you a series of questions to ensure that your return is compliant whilst providing you the maximum return.

    Convenient Tax Returns completed In-person or Online

    In-person Consultations

    Booking an in-person consultation with us will allow us to go through your individual or business situation to identify where we can increase deductions and tax rebates as well as minimising errors and tax return risks. We have three convenient offices located in Melbourne, Lilydale and Dandenong.

    Online Video Call via Zoom

    We understand that given the current situation regarding COVID-19 or whatever reason, you may not want a face-to-face consultation but still want the experience of meeting with a professional tax adviser or accountant. We also offer online video calling services where we will provide the same quality of service as an in-person meeting.

    Why TASC For The Extra Peace Of Mind

    We have over 40 year of experience in providing professional tax advice to individuals, sole traders, business entities, companies, and trusts. Our tax advisers and accountants are dedicated to providing you with the best customised service revolved around your and/or your business situation in order to maximise your return. We are meticulous in our approach and will ensure that we minimise errors and risks to avoid possible tax pit-falls and ATO audits. Whether you are seeking an in-person or online consultation, rest assured that our standards are unmatched.

    I chose TASC because they were highly recommended by a mutual acquaintance.

    The best thing about their service was their efficiency to answer questions and help solve accounting queries. They provided a professional and courteous service with clear objectives and outcomes. I received great financial leadership and expertise in matters that were extremely important about my long term financial future and all their staff are friendly, courteous and extremely reliable.

    Mark Bassett
    Managing Director of Blackchrome, Adelaide & Melbourne

    I came highly recommended to TASC because their services are personal, proactive and friendly. Their service is efficient and saves myself, and my staff, time.

    Working with TASC is like a partner of our own business, they understand the issues a small business faces and helps to streamline and support my company needs.

    I would recommend TASC to any of my clients.

    Dale Young
    General Manager at Your Safety Factory, Adelaide

    Income Performance Analysis

    When you engage with us, we will provide you with a BONUS Income Performance Analysis where we review and compare your previous year and current year’s tax performance and detail areas where you can improve on, how you can maximise your tax returns in the coming year, best of all, get your tax saving plan done right from the get go.

    Complementary 15 Minute – Super Wellbeing Review

    When was the last time you had a review on your super? When you hire us to assist you with your tax return, we’ll provide you with an additional 15 minute of Super Wellbeing Review, answer your super-related questions so that you know how to build a comfortable retirement life & we will also look at your insurance options so that you are well covered in many aspects of your life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How are your tax return services conducted?

    A: Our tax returns can be completed either in-person or online via a video call on Zoom. Regardless of the format, we will provide you with quality service based around your own situation to deliver you with a maximised return.

    Q: What deductions can I claim on my return?

    A: There are various deductions that can be claimed depending on your work, and it’s use. Particularly with many people working from home recently due to COVID-19, we pin-point all your claimable deductions to provide you with a maximised return.

    Q: What receipts do I need to keep and how long do I need to hold them for?

    A: Depending on your situation and claimable expenditures, you may need to hold onto receipts in the event of ATO audits. Documentary evidence should be held on for 5 years from the date of lodgement.

    Q: How much do you charge for your tax returns?

    A: Our tax returns starts from $135 for a simple Income Tax Return.

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    We have 3 offices located in Melbourne. Give us a call to discuss your tax and financial needs
    with one of our experienced and friendly accountants.


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