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#1 Avoid Potential Tax Pitfal

Lodging a tax return by yourself can yield mistakes accidentally or unknowingly. It is not possible to be on top of ever changing complex taxation laws. Avoid tax pitfalls by choosing a professional tax adviser from TASC

#2 Remove Tax Stress

The responsibilities of completing your own tax return lies on your shoulders. Any mistakes in your tax return can potentially result in ATO fines and/or audits. Using a tax adviser or accountant provides that extra peace of mind in knowing that your returns are accurate and compliant.

#3 Handle Tax Audits Better

Professional Tax Advisers and Accountants know what aspects of tax returns could flag an ATO audit. With expert advice, you will know exactly what to claim and what not to claim as tax deductions, and tax rebates to avoid an ATO audit.

#4 Save Time And Avoid Headaches

Preparing your own tax returns can be time-consuming. The process of having to collate all your relevant information, identifying deductibles, ensuring your there are no mistakes can all take a big chunk out of your day. Sitting down with a professional tax adviser or accountant takes all the stress out of this. They will review all your documents and ask you a series of questions to ensure that your return is compliant whilst providing you the maximum return.

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We have 3 offices located in Melbourne. Give us a call to discuss how we can maximise your tax return, minimise risk and avoid ATO audits.


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Get in Touch

We have 3 offices located in Melbourne. Give us a call to discuss your tax and financial needs
with one of our experienced and friendly accountants.


Level 27, 101 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Vic 3000
03 9221 6256


Unit 1/34 Hightech Place,
Lilydale, Vic 3140
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18 Mason Street,
Dandenong VIC 3175
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